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Available for:
- Beginner to Advanced Traditional Cello (melody and foundational accompaniment)
- Beginner to Intermediate Cello Accompaniment

- Beginner to Advanced Anglo Concertina

- Beginner to Intermediate Mandolin (TBA)

All lessons are currently only available online, please contact me for more details.

I've been teaching since 2015, which is when I completed a Scottish Baccalaureate in Expressive Arts with distinction. The project itself was based on teaching traditional music to fellow students of the City of Edinburgh Music School.

While studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, I began giving one-to-one private lessons in traditional folk cello and anglo concertina, as well as being a dep for Glasgow Folk Music Workshop for cello and mandolin. Some years I can be found volunteering as a workshop assistant at the Scots Fiddle Festival in Edinburgh, too!

Unfortunately, I'm currently unable to provide beginner to intermediate mandolin lessons, as difficult circumstances due to the pandemic required me to sell on my mandola. However, I don't intend to go without a mandolin or mandola for very long!

Please get in touch if you are interested in online lessons!


Photo Copyright Simon Forsythe

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